Katie Silvester

Anna B Savage is wrapped in tense anguish on “The Ghost”

On her new track “The Ghost”, Anna B Savage evokes a lost love that keeps her tossing and turning at night. In the Sophie Hurley-Walker-directed video she’s wrapped tightly in a translucent orange sheet – which normally should feel like a place of calm and safety, or maybe even a second skin.

The water, the dirt and the creepy crawlers, however, find their way through as invasive agents, leaving her unable to drift into comfort. “We wanted to explore a narrative where uncomfortable meets beautiful,” Savage says about how the visuals and the song relate to each other. “And everything is alternately comforting and immediately strange and uncanny, like the tendrils of old love, once so joyous turned sour and frightening.”

“The Ghost” is produced by Mike Lindsay of Tunng, Cheek Mountain Thief and Lump-fame, though it’s unclear whether this single is a standalone track or the first glimpse of a brand new album, what could be the follow-up to Anna B Savage’s critically-acclaimed A Common Turn.

Touched with gorgeous baroque elements of clarinet and piano, the slithering percussion and throbbing synths add an underlying, tense fright. Savage sings each line as if her voice is a piece of glass on the verge of shattering.  “Exhausted from years of being haunted by an ex-partner, this song is a plea to let go. Or be let go of. Exploring the particular cruelty of the human brain, that love can be felt so deeply, hurt so essentially and so much, and still feel so present many years later.”

Watch the video below, and find “The Ghost” on streaming outlets here.

You can find Anna on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. She’s also announced triptych of live dates:

October 15th – What Music? @ Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (UK)
November 26th – Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (UK) w/ Jane Weaver
March 28th – Village Underground, London (UK)