ameliarose opens up about emotionally manipulative love in the bruised and candid “NOSEDIVE”

ameliarose is a 19-year-old songwriter who has been growing a steady and passionate following during the pandemic for her impassioned, open performances. One song that has caught particular attention is “NOSEDIVE”, which she has this week released in its fully-produced and glorious form. She introduces it by saying:

“Have you ever had so many fights with someone that every fight becomes more and more meaningless? NOSEDIVE is about loving someone even when they’re poisonous. it’s about wishing you had someone to lean on, when the person you’re supposed to rely on isn’t there. it’s about feeling defenseless after repeated losses.”

Although centred around gorgeously rippling piano, “NOSEDIVE” is a painful, sometimes hard listen, with ameliarose’s dextrous voice undulating between anger and despair – a sharp shift that makes us feel like we’re right in the middle of one of the many fights she details in the song. “It didn’t hurt being shallow-boned / it hurt being loved,” she confesses with brutal honesty. She then spirals into questioning “How was I so sensitive? / How was he so blunt?”, a crystal clear evocation of the kind of self-blame and confusion that comes from being in an emotionally manipulative relationship. Swirling all these overpowering feelings together, “NOSEDIVE” reaches an apex where all sense seems to leave and ameliarose simply sings in beautifully bruised tones. She doesn’t let the other get the last laugh though, delivering the killer blow in the finale: “It’s taken me a while but I’ll say it with a smile / that you’re the worst kind of person I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Listen to “NOSEDIVE” below or on your preferred streamer.

ameliarose will release her debut EP this year. For now, find her on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and performing seven nights a week on Twitch.