Photo: Wendy Ngala

Amber Mark reminds us that we are enough on “Competition” and its beautifully choreographed video

Rising New York pop/R&B star Amber Mark delivered the stunning “Worth It” earlier this year as the first taste of her impending debut album. While we still don’t know the full details of the LP, we have another wonderful new song and video, “Competition”. Mark says:

“I hold this one so close to my heart. ‘Competition’ comes from a state of always comparing yourself to others and how ruthless that competitive nature can be towards yourself and towards others. The song is a reminder of how much stronger we are together.”

With “Worth It” and now “Competition”, Amber Mark is staking a claim as the life coach of people the world over. “Competition” again finds her reminding us of the value we hold within ourselves, and that we are all we need. She does it atop a bumping bassline and tinkling piano, her rich vocals swooping through the track like the train of one of the many impressive dresses she wears in the video. “This is not a competition / you are not the opposition / I just wanna see you win,” she sings, a simple message deployed with deadly effect in the song. Right alongside her undeniable swagger, there’s buckets of empathy and humanity in Mark’s performance, which makes “Competition” resonate all the deeper. By the time it gets to the choral finale, with everyone chanting “damn I really made it!”, it feels like pure optimism rushing through your mind.

The beautiful video for “Competition” was created by Mark alongside Cara Stricker. Check it out below or listen on streaming platforms.

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