Amber Mark delivers a bumping anthem of self-love on “Worth It”

After a few years where she’s released a long string of consistently great singles and EPs, New York’s Amber Mark is finally gearing up for a debut album. The details are still being kept under wraps, but today she’s gifted us a new song and video, “Worth It”, saying:

“We are our own worst critics, and I feel at times we are the hardest on ourselves. I wrote this song as a mantra to myself in order to lift my spirits in situations where I feel worthless. Whether someone has put you down or you’ve done it to yourself this song is meant to help you pick yourself up again and remind you just how worthy you are of happiness.”

That combination of tenderness and self-belief displayed in the above quote fuels the stunning “Worth It”, a laid-back alt-pop bumper that will send you floating into the weekend. We’ve all had moments, if not weeks, if not months, where we’re wracked by self-doubt or question our self-worth, but Amber Mark is here to provide the perfect tonic. Her naturally powerful and soulful voice on its own is enough to heal, but delivered over stylish production, with an insistent rhythm and luscious groove, there’s no way to listen to “Worth It” and not feel warm inside while floating alongside the depth and dynamism of Amber Mark.

Adding to the beauty is the video for “Worth It”, which was co-directed by Amber and Cara Sticker. Watch it below.

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