Alien Tango is the moniker of London-based Spanish artist Alberto García, who has been putting out music and videos for a little while now. However, if you, like us, are just being turned on to Alien Tango, then new song “Arthur Conan Doyle” is a perfect place to start, because nothing can really prepare you. García introduces us to the track by saying:

Arthur Conan Doyle is a magic realist pop song. I made it in a sort of stream of consciousness, some of the verses are even done with Wikipedia. I didn’t know why or how I wanted it to be at the end, I just made it. Musically, it was born while trying to make a pop song with dramatic chords, a la Britney Spears. The melody features prominently what I call the ‘evil cadence’.”

“Arthur Conan Doyle” doesn’t sound anything like Britney Spears – but that’s probably for the best. Instead, Alien Tango has created a synth-pop blast that plays on the tropes of private investigation and summons the titular writer, resulting in something which is as grooving as it is bananas. Shifting from bouncy bop to art-pop collage to rampant rock-meets-electronica, “Arthur Conan Doyle” is something you just have to experience.

“Arthur Conan Doyle” is out now via Ground Control. You can follow Alien Tango on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and investigate some of his previous videos on his YouTube.