Photo: Tayyaba “khaanom” Siddiqui

Akinola Pedro oozes and grooves on “naboo”, from his upcoming EP

For some, success creates the identity, for others, the pressure can catapult the artist into a metamorphosis. Akinola Pedro, formerly known as AkinG Kalld Pedro, has released his latest single “naboo” ahead of his new EP, Tatooine: the world that never was, which arrives next month.

Produced by THE22FALL (Traffic.jam, Fancy, INTERNACIONAL!), “naboo” follows the character Nox Heart, who was introduced via the single with the same name released earlier this year.

“naboo” is perfect groove and melody: a fitting departure from for his single, “Traffic.jam”, which was featured on NBA 2K20. The new vibe compliments his name change: in one track, you can feel the D.C go-go, a little Voodoo reminiscence, even a little scratch. One to watch…

Watch the lyric video for “naboo” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Akinola Pedro’s Tattooine EP is out on November 2. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.