Devin Desouza

A-Wall shares the playful yet soulful “Touchdown”, prepares new album

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, A-Wall presents a story you might be familiar with: the college dropout pursuing his musical dreams. His music, however, speaks for itself, warm and reflective by turns, speaking to both the bliss he feels engaging with his calling as well as the fear and pressure he feels to succeed in an unforgiving industry.

His latest single, “Touchdown”, displays his talents perfectly, drifting between elation and depressive thoughts, all across a musical backing that practically floats in its lightness. One moment, he’s on high, declaring, “I don’t wanna touch the ground”, the next he’s barely scraping by: “I can’t kill myself.” It reflects a reality for many who suffer from anxiety and depression, capturing the day-to-day fears all too many of us suffer from.

Speaking on the track’s range, he shares, “This song is kind of about me coming to the realization that I can no longer ignore everything that’s been going on around me. I’ve come so far and I’m in too deep to back out at this point. But I’m still scared of failing in this industry. In the chorus I talk about not wanting to let my loved ones down again. In the verses I express my hesitation to fully commit to being a full-time artist.

“Touchdown” arrives in preparation of his latest, and certainly most personal, album, Autopilot. It’s due out October 14th, in the meantime, check out the single below.