Photo: Thomas Williams

A.A. Williams steps out of the shadows with the towering “Melt”

British songwriter A.A. Williams only made her stage debut in April last year, but she’s already been signed to Bella Union who will release her debut album Forever Blue on July 3. This week she has shared a stunning new glimpse of the album in the form of new song and video “Melt”. Williams says:

“Melt addresses an individual’s search for, acknowledgement of and acceptance of independence. After only believing in their own fragility they come to realise that they themselves were never dependant on others, others depended on them. Within this newfound strength they find comfort.”

In “Melt” you can audibly hear that stunning moment of transformation, like the miraculous event of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. It begins in low-lit, atmospheric style, with guitars just caressing the edges of Williams’ world, but soon a rolling thunder of drums and guitars comes blustering through to take “Melt” to towering heights. Williams has the voice to match, powerful and even intimidating in the way she commands this gale force of a song, fully expressing the magnitude of the person she has discovered herself to be.

Watch the beautiful video for “Melt”, directed by Steve Turvey, below.

A.A. Williams’ debut album Forever Blue comes out through Bella Union on July 3. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.