Brighton quintet Youth Sector continue to evolve with each new release, and they’re capping of 2020 in fine style with an irresistible new track called “Teeth”. They reveal:

“Teeth’ sees us continue to push into more rhythmic territory and embrace the influence of funk bands Parliament and Tower Of Power, with its constant danceable groove punctuated by wonky guitars throughout. Lyrically the single explores the sinister magnetism of untrustworthy people and the way they can enter the lives of those vulnerable to their charms.”

Funk comes flooding out from Josh Doyle’s excellent bass line, which refuses to stay monotone, flaunting its melodic and rhythmic ingenuity throughout “Teeth”. All around it are Youth Sector’s trademark angular guitars, adorned with neon keyboard melodies and underscored by a playful percussion that has its sights set directly on your hips. Hints of 80s faves like DEVO and Huey Lewis & the News are rife in the song’s brightness and bounciness, but vocally and lyrically “Teeth” is all Youth Sector. Taking on the character of a down-on-his-luck everyman, Nick Tompkins yelps and yowls his way through the track, where he’s seduced by a charismatic character into all sorts of less than ideal actions – but given just how addictive the song is, we can’t blame him.

Listen to “Teeth” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

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