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Yosa Peit shares guttural new tracks “SHELLY” and “PEPPER PLANE”

German electronic artist Yosa Peit suffered from a disease in her gut and, as great artists tend to do, had herself an epiphany that led to the making of her upcoming album Gut Buster: “The album is really talking about our system from the perspective of the gut, from our inside. Faced with my own gut story making the  record was a playful healing process set against this busted  consumer media world. The album became kind of an anti statement to our insane consumer planet. But also to expectations in  the music industry.”

Indeed, people consume processed foods that our bodies still have no fucking clue how to deal with, something we have come to accept as normal. Peit has found it a powerful and visceral allegory for our collective sickness, which translates to compositions that sound like pop songs that have been broken down into fecal matter. The two new tracks Peit released, “SHELLY” and “PEPPER PLANE”, feel very much like two snapshots of the full anatomy of Gut Buster. The former is sparse and lurking, propelled by a drunk synth melody and squeeky, high-pitched vocals, and the latter combines art rock and tense breakbeat elements in a thrilling, playful way.

Gut Buster, which comes out on April 26 via Fire Records, definitely doesn’t seem to be a downer record, despite Peit tackling some rather dour subjects. You can preorder the record here.

Listen to “SHELLY” and “PEPPER PLANE” below.

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