yard act

Yard Act make their rabid debut with “The Trapper’s Pelts”

Another day, another new post-punk band from Leeds. Yard Act, thankfully, operate with gusto through formulaic genre parameters and the strengths of legendary luminaries that have come before them.

Today the brooding post-punks, comprised of Ryan Needham (Bass), James Smith (Vocals), Sammy Robinson (guitar), and George Townend (drums), have dropped their gloriously gloomy debut single titled ‘The Trapper’s Pelts”. Regarding the band’s debut, Smith says:

“It skewers elements of the American frontier into a Scarface-type narrative set against the backdrop of a mundane West Yorkshire suburb.” 

As soon as one hits play, listeners’ heads are drilled into the pavement by a vicious bassline, pitiless guitars and Smith’s vocals that’ll draw obvious comparisons to another Smith—the late, great Mark E. Smith of The Fall. With his snarling impression—unintended or not—Smith helps deliver a festering, misanthropic tale about a trapper that cleverly articulates the detriments of neo-liberal group think, which feels all-too-real amidst these chaotic times: “What a day to be alive! / The state of everything…All that divides us is evil / All that unites us is evil / No, all that really divides is the binary hive mind.” 

“The Trapper’s Pelts” is out via the band’s own label Zen F.C., so take a listen above and make sure to follow Yard Act on Facebook.