It was just a couple of weeks ago that Jenn Wasner shared a new EP from her Flock of Dimes project, but today she and long-time musical partner Andy Stack have announced a new EP from main project Wye Oak. The No Horizon EP was recorded with Brooklyn Youth Chorus and will be coming out on July 31. The band has shared “AEIOU”, the opening song from the five-track offering, which Wasner introduces by saying:

This song is about the inadequacy of language. It was written around the time that those currently in power took it upon themselves to think that they could minimize the existence of certain people by removing the words that we currently use to define them—like transgender—from use. Language is bigger than the powers that try to control it, but we are so much bigger than language. We are so much more than anything that can be suggested with words.”

The subtly bubbling vocals of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus add a depth to Wye Oak’s sound, making “AEIOU” sound like the start of a new chapter for the band. Wasner’s voice is as graceful and dynamic as ever, her words floating atop the Chorus’ notes, as she surveys the political landscape in search of connection and understanding. As ever with Wye Oak, “AEIOU” is as much of a thought-provoking piece as it is a musical delight.

Listen to “AEIOU” below or on your preferred platform.

Wye Oak’s new EP No Horizon comes out through Merge on July 31. Follow the band on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.