Photo: Will Butler

Will Butler yearns for a brighter tomorrow on “Close My Eyes”

Will Butler of Arcade Fire recently announced that he’s got a new album called Generations set for release on September 25. Following on from the upbeat bop “Surrender” comes another track called “Close My Eyes”. He says:

“I tried to make the lyrics a straightforward and honest description of an emotion I feel often—a drive for change coupled with despair: ‘I’m tired of waiting for a better day. But I’m scared and I’m lazy and nothing’s gonna change.’ Kind of a sad song. Trying to tap into some Smokey Robinson/Motown feeling—’I’ve got to dance to keep from crying.'”

Like “Surrender” before it, “Close My Eyes” is eminently danceable while trying to make you contemplate your surroundings. An irresistibly swaying synth forms the structure of the track, and Butler emotes atop it with a soulfulness that reveals his well of feeling. Just when things might tip too far into sadness, the chorus comes in to lift us out of the gloom and remind us we’re not alone in this mess.

Will Butler’s new album Generations comes out through Merge on September 25. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.