Mark Manzi

Weval reconfigure retro and futuristic vibes on sparkling single “Fire”

Dutch electronic duo Weval have an impeccable ear for absorbing every style imaginable into a fluid craftsmanship and production acumen. The latest single “Fire” converts the retro-sensibility of an adrenaline pumpin’ 80s action theme to something fresh and forward-thinking. It contains all the hallmarks of what makes Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers’s project a singular entity: satisfyingly crisp beats, amorphous melodies, and ghostly vocals. In short, pop music that seems to stem from a parallel universe.

“Fire” offers yet another dynamic glimpse from Weval’s upcoming EP Changed for the Better, out 12 November. Consider that title a promise more than anything: Weval has been a constantly evolving, flexible live act since their lofty beginnings, effortlessly switching from clubs to festival stages and beyond. And if Weval’s music sounds wholly cinematic to you, well, it’s because Coolen and Scholte Albers initially met in film school. Listen to “Fire” below.

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