Westside Boogie has been ‘kidnapped’, gets help from Eminem hyping mysterious release

Westside Boogie, formerly known simply as Boogie (a fair name change, considering how tired even this writer is of telling people, “No, not wit da Hoodie”), has been largely quiet since his painfully underrated Shady Records debut, Everythings for Sale.

All that has changed. Following months (and months) of fans clamoring, he posted a video to his Twitter of an apparent ‘kidnapping’ yesterday.

This led to another video of him being held captive and threatened to hurry up and record already, along with a number to text to help ‘free’ him.

Eminem promptly retweeted the video, exclaiming, “Whatever it takes to get [Westside Boogie] to drop!”

Shady Records’ Twitter page also posted the videos, heavily hinting at some sort of imminent release.

It’s as of yet unknown if all the mystery and hype is for a single or entire project, but considering the close proximity to Friday, it may indeed be a surprise sophomore effort. We can only hope!

This story is developing. Stay tuned to Beats Per Minute for more.

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