Photo: Johnny Eastlund

Waxahatchee delivers the hopeful and sprightly “Tomorrow”, from El Deafo soundtrack

Katie Crutchfield aka Waxahatchee has revealed that she’s written some music for the soundtrack for a new animated show called El Deafo, which will premiere on Apple TV+ on January 7. It’s based on the graphic novel of the same name by Cece Bell. Crutchfield says:

“I’m so happy to finally announce an amazing project I had the honor of being a part of. Last year I wrote some original music for a new show on Apple TV+ called El Deafo, based on the book of the same name by a true hero, Cece Bell. Myself along with Rob Barbato spent a few months arranging and recording these tunes and it was an amazing experience all around.”

She’s also shared a song called “Tomorrow”, which is as positive and upbeat as you’d expect for a youthful show about overcoming your perceived weaknesses. It still possesses plenty of Waxahatchee magic, as Crutchfield has a perfect voice to embody that discovery of inner strength, while the straightforward pop arrangement is imbued with excellent synths and other colourful adornments.

Check “Tomorrow” out below or on your preferred streaming platform.

El Deafo premieres on January 7 on Apple TV+. You can find Waxahatchee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.