Photo: Ebru Yildiz

Wax Chattels remain violently confrontational with new single “Cede”

Based on the release of now three new singles, it is likely that Wax Chattels upcoming sophomore record titled Clot (out September 25 via Captured Tracks & Flying Nun) will decimate listeners through their “guitarless guitar music.” Today the band has dropped its latest track titled “Cede”, and though it is just two-minutes in length, Amanda Cheng and company make each fear-splitting second count. 

Between a sound that is noisy to even their standard and a chorus unleashed in Cheng’s native language—Taiwanese Hokkien—”Cede” is not content with serving its likely audience. This track is meant to disrupt on every level.

“Cede” sees the confrontational three-piece from New Zealand spin together a few, still, profound word about “the near-silent cultural genocide that’s taking place — the censorship, the militant threats — and the international community’s insistence on practicing diplomacy with economics at the front of mind…,” according to Cheng.

To fulfill this acerbic cut’s pissed-off energy, the noise-making Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Destruction Unit, The Men) was brought on board to mix the track, and naturally, “Cede” is as a brutally chaotic experience. Regarding this new single, Cheng further explains:

I am angry. Saying “you don’t know who I am” in Taiwanese Hokkien is to say “you don’t get to tell me who I am.” You don’t just scream like this to put on an album — you scream like this because it’s the only thing you can do.

Clot is out on September 25 and can be preordered here. Give the biting trio a follow on their FacebookInstagram, & Twitter.