Photo: Tonje Thilesen

JayWood promotes equality through the sumptumous “Just Sayin”, announces album

Winnipeg musician Jeremy Haywood-Smith, better known as JayWood, will release a new album called Slingshot on July 15 through Captured Tracks. The idea of looking back to go forward became a really big thing for me—hence the title, ‘Slingshot,’” he reveals. The album also has an ambitious narrative that charts a day but sees the songwriter take us through the discovery of his identity – but keeping it fun. As a glimpse of that, we have a new single “Just Sayin”, with JayWood saying:

“The song is about creating equal opportunity for people in need, and lending a helping hand if you can. It’s a super simple thought that I think could easily get overlooked, but having a catchy reminder like this might subliminally provoke some thought.”

One way to show that all people are equal is by putting on a certified bop and seeing how it makes everyone want to dance, no matter who they are, and JayWood’s “Just Sayin” does exactly that. Laden with luminous tones, a groove that gets inside your joints and brightness shining out of every note and sung word, there’s no repressing the message. JayWood is the perfect arbiter for this lesson of equality; he’s not trying to force the issue but he’s “just sayin’ give it a chance” in his naturally loquacious manner. After getting infected by his personality and the flashy funk of “Just Sayin”, even the most prejudiced person on the planet would have to listen to him.

As if the song itself wasn’t enough to make you love JayWood, the video for “Just Sayin” features him dancing around a farm by some nonplussed horses. Check it out below or find the song on streaming platforms.

JayWood’s new album Slingshot will be out on July 15 through Captured Tracks (pre-order/save). Make sure to follow JayWood on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.