Photo: Tonje Thilesen

JayWood focuses his anger into the cathartic groove of “God Is A Reptile”

Jeremy Haywood-Smith aka JayWood is building off the success of last year’s Some Days EP, with an album in mind – but before that he’s taking a trip down memory lane and delivering a newly polished and muscled version of one of his earliest tracks, “God Is A Reptile”. He says:

“‘God Is A Reptile’ feels like the angstiest part of myself. I wrote it at a time where I was experiencing a lot of anger all at once and I really just wanted to focus it into something healthy.”

While the angst and anger are evident in the track, it doesn’t disrupt his natural groove, which quickly brings you under its sway. This new version bulks out the sound, making its presence all the more unignorable and blowing up JayWood’s anxieties to billboard size. It just makes the song’s gradual catharsis all the more satisfying, as the sonic pile-on builds to a beautiful head, with JayWood standing atop it all, gaining some much needed perspective.

Watch the video for “God Is A Reptile” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“God Is A Reptile” is out on Captured Tracks. With news about an album coming down the pipeline, make sure to follow JayWood on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.