Sam Cohen, the main man behind oblique indie pop moniker Yellowbirds, is no stranger to the DIY aesthetic that lo-fi indie rock aspires to.  Having fronted the psych-pop band Apollo Sunshine, his workmanlike musical processes have already been honed to a fine edge.  The video for his latest single “Young Men of Promise” definitely is proof that his well-documented self-reliance is still in peak form.  The crudely realized, though curiously compelling, animation stands in stark contrast to the pristine melodies and multi-faceted instrumentation.  This makes it all the more impressive once you realize the Cohen animated this video all by himself.  Brokering fuzzed-out guitar with roughly filtered vocals, the song draws parallels and inspiration from the sunshine pop of the 60’s on up to the home-spun garage rock of the past few years.

Songs from the Vanished Frontier, the sophomore record from Yellowbirds, is due out May 28th via Royal Potato Family.