Producer William Kouam Djoko has been a fixture in the Dutch music scene for almost a decade.  Prior to his solo work, he was a member of house outfit Jason and the Argonauts for a number of years — though currently he is the co-host of TrouwAmsterdam’s Late Night Society club events.  Known for his work as a DJ as well as for his producing skills, Djoko has been hard at work bridging the gap between European house aesthetics and the recombination of electronic influences that find themselves so much in favor at the moment in the US.

For his latest track, “Deflourished,” the producer winds threads of tribal percussion and submerge electronic filaments through a minimalist sonic landscape — a place where gradually building rhythms and subversive melodies work their way deep into your brain and refuse to be moved.  Aiding Djoko in his work are illustrator Saša Ostoja and animator Niko Lanzuisi.  Fashioning a warped African savanna replete with dancing animals and darkly, arresting visuals, all involved seem to be channeling some demented, voodoo-inspired Wes Anderson muse as they document the curious and dangerous lives of these characters.  Watch the video for “Deflourished” below.