Watch: The Crystal Ark – “We Came To”

Have you ever wanted to fly through outer space on board some intergalactic dancefloor transport?  Well look no further as DFA Records’ own The Crystal Ark (aka Gavin Russom) is here to facilitate that need.  Having just recently released his self-titled debut for DFA, Russom heads off into space for the video for “We Came To.”  With abstract sci-fi visuals and psychedelic flourishes, the video, directed by Viva Ruiz, plays like a hypnotic alien orgy of music and movement.  There are occasional glimpses of the normal world (possibly hallucinations, visions, cybernetic implant degradation…who knows), but they are fleeting and soon enough we’re pulled back into some future where overwhelming audio/visual stimuli is commonplace.  Just watch the video.  It’ll make much more sense.