Manchester-based Letters To Fiesta aren’t shy about crossing boundaries. Not only have to introduced the clever idea of asking to gig goers to pay their entry fee with a piece of vinyl that will then be swapped or sold on, their music reaches outward and touches on a multitude of genres. Their latest single “Vampires” is far from short of examples expressing their wide range, with vocals that touch on both a Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir-like whisper and a Kate Bush-esque grandeur, bellowing drums that lifts the eerie tones above the clouds, and an all-consuming atmosphere that envelopes all surrounding objects. Suitably, “Vampires” gets a video that feels as epic in scope, even though it features little more than some shadow puppetry (courtesy of Steve Mushin). The clip follows a therianthropic (there’s your word of the day right there) couple who take to the sky in their new forms, above a bustling street party below. Watch the video for Vampires below, and keep an eye out for Letters To Fiesta’s debut EP, Aphorism which will be released October 28th.