Benji Vaughan - Even Tundra

British producer Benji Vaughan has been crafting complex rhythms out of memorable basslines, bits of metallic percussion, and vintage synths under various monikers for over a decade — mostly in association with UK-based Twisted Records.  His latest release, Even Tundra, finds the prolific musician utilizing an assortment of studio wizardry to breathe life into these downtempo melodies and sounds.    For the video to title track and recent single, “Even Tundra,” Vaughan has paired the off-kilter electronic aesthetic of the music with some breathtaking imagery.  You’d be forgiven for thinking that a good deal of CGI went into the creation of this video, whereas the truth is something altogether more interesting.  Using industrial magnets and “ferrofluid” (a liquid used to construct computer gear that reacts to and forms solid structures when in the presence of a magnetic field), Vaughan creates amorphous and constantly shifting Rorschach-esque visuals that pair perfectly with the impressionistic track.  Watch the video for “Even Tundra” below.

Benji Vaughan – Even Tundra on MUZU.TV.