Photo: Zamar Valez

Vince Staples affirms his loyalty to the game in “Rose Street”, confirms new album out next week

Vince Staples has confirmed that his new album Ramona Park Broke My Heart will be out next Friday, April 8. We’ve previously heard “Magic” from it, and today we get a second glimpse with “Rose Street”.

“I don’t sing no love songs / don’t ever sing no love songs,” Staples begins on “Rose Street”, and continues in a similar vain as he details the ways that his commitment to the street prevents him from commitment to another person. As braggadocios as he sounds when he says “I’m married to the money don’t be playing games”, there’s undoubted sadness as he admits “only bringing flowers to the homies’ graves”. Staples continues this act of walking between hard man and hollowed-out griever as the song continues, and while “Rose Street” bangs like some classic boom-bap you might hear played out at a party, the overriding feeling at the end is one of remorse and regret. It’s a surprisingly complex mixture.

The clip for “Rose Street” was created by Staples alongside C. Blacksmith, and can be seen below. To hear the full-length version of the song check it out on streaming platforms.

Vince Staples’ new album Ramona Park Broke My Heart will be out on April 8 through Motown/Blacksmith Recordings (pre-save). You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.