Snir Yamin

Israeli singer-songwriter Snir Yamin  has just released his debut EP entitled Urban Stories.  Pairing the heart-on-sleeve sentimentality of Damien Rice with the earnest musical approach of Glen Hansard, Yamin gets to the heart of his music through an unchoreographed dive into honest emotion and lyrical introspection.  His songs often describe the tumultuous times during the end of a relationship or when the threat of collapse is looming heavy over both people.  But his music isn’t simply heartache therapy; there is a simplicity to the sound and sentiment that keeps it from ever feeling overly maudlin or self-deprecating.  Yamin’s music can speak to the masses, but it can also perfectly capture the frustration and loneliness of a single person.

Recently he teamed up with director Sahar Golovaty for the video to the haunting, piano-led “Stay,” and in it, Yamin sings about the heartache and resignation of a failed relationship.  Above the mournful piano, his clear, expressive voice calls out to that person — a woman dressed in white in the video —  who seems to feel this deep-seated anguish herself.  As both deal with their respective grief, we’re left to guess whether any closure can be had or even if either knows the pain that the other is going through.

When discussing the inspiration for the video, Yamin says, “The idea for this video came from an old vision I had in mind from a couple of months ago. When I was thinking about how my first music video will look, the first thing that I knew for sure was I wanted it to be as emotional as I was when writing the lyrics. I also wanted to have a female actress/model staring in it. While brain storming ideas and locations for the video, I tried to be as true as I could to the lyrics and to the emotional vibes that this song transmits.

We searched for about two months for the perfect locations in North Israel. Three years ago, there was a huge fire in the Carmel Mountains, which caused major damage and left burning-grey trees. These tress fit perfectly in with the song. We shot the video for 22 hours non-stop. It was the craziest, tiring, best day ever. I had the honor of working with an incredibly talented crew who were dedicated to producing a top-quality video.  I really love the final result and I can’t wait for the whole world to see it.”

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the video for “Stay,” from Snir Yamin’s recently released EP, Urban Stories.