Video Premiere: Drop Electric – “Blue Dream”

Drop Electric

While it’s more known for its early hardcore and punk scenes, Washington DC has always been a hotbed of insurgent music, no matter the sounds and influences.  And electro-poppers Drop Electric are only the latest in a long line of artists to come welling up out of the mirk and mire of our country’s capitol.  Blending dream-pop rhythms and oscillating synths with dancefloor percussion and rafter-reaching vocals courtesy of singer Kristina Reznikov, the band unfurls ever wider soundscapes for listeners to explore.  And it’s in the distance between the dire circumstances of the real world and our own ideal life that the band finds their place — a sharp rallying cry in the dark bemoaning this very disconnect.  And in the unfolding lyrical drama and constantly shifting patterns, the band finds a light to hold onto, even in a dark world.  And they are more than willing to share what little light they have.  They’ll share even more when their latest record, Waking Up To The Fire, is released on October 22nd via Lefse Records.

For their latest video, the band has allowed the lyrical ambiguity of recent single “Blue Dream” to carry over into the visual spectrum, and we get a video that highlights the same series of events from two different perspectives — one from a woman who attempts to throw herself in front of a moving train and one from the man who stops her.  These events culminate in a rather gruesome act that highlights the inability of people to fully understand one another and how we really are subject to our emotions.  The song’s tribal percussion, insistent vocals, and enveloping waves of synths only add to the immersion and sense of participation on our behalf.  We literally see the events through the eyes of each person.  And the music acts as our emotional anchor, weighing us down with the effects of our perceived actions.  Drop Electric may deal in shades of vintage 4AD sounds and synth-based electronic experiments but the acute realization of their aesthetic feels as modern as anything you’re likely to hear this year.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the video for “Blue Dream,”  from Drop Electric’s upcoming album, Waking Up To The Fire.