Butchers and Bakers

Brooklyn indie rock quartet Butchers & Bakers exist somewhere inside half a dozen musical lineages.  Drawing from classic indie rock, Riot Grrrl, psych rock, and a handful of other genres, the band — consisting of bassist Hank Baker, guitarist Eli Jacobowitz, singer Rebecca Keith, and drummer Mike Morini — manage to merge these often disparate sounds into something cohesive and unique, not to mention that it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to.  Plowing through complex rhythms and feral melodies, Keith channels the spirit of Kathleen Hanna and Karen O in equal measure, while Jacobowitz churns out vintage spitfire riffs like Mac McCaughan on a weekend bender.

On their latest single, “Brunch,” the band floats growling Riot Grrrl vocals over chugging guitars, aqueous keyboard rolls, and a gut-punch rhythm section that seems primed to cut through stone.  For the video — directed by Daniel Hai — black and white visuals (well, mostly) and a playful attitude from singer Keith are on full display as we follow her around on a zigzagging walk through various neighborhoods.  The continual motion onscreen pairs perfectly with the sustained momentum of the song as we follow parallel to both Keith and the song on their unexpected travels.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the video for “Brunch,” from Butchers & Bakers’ recent “Brunch”/”Emulator” single.