Arthur Sajas

Vanishing Twin share frolicking, confident new single “Phase One Million”

For those that tuned in, Vanishing Twin’s 2019 album, The Age of Immunology, ranked among the year’s very most creative, unique, and alluring musical statements. The band may be London based, but it boasts members from around the world, from Italy to Japan, and they record, by turns, in the languages of every member, blending their veritable melting pot of styles and sounds into a brilliantly addictive mixture.

Suffice to say, their return has been eagerly awaited, and that moment is finally upon us. They’ve recently announced their latest LP, Ookii Gekkou. Meaning ‘Big Moonlight’ in Japanese, the album presents yet another ambitious undertaking for the band. It imagines a world in which it’s always night, the daily life of such a place, and the sense of mystery and even magic inherent to such an environment. It’s as intriguing a concept as they’ve yet dreamed up.

To kick things off, they shared lead single (and title track), “Big Moonlight (Ookii Gekkou)” last month. It, as a press release illuminated, “tells the chaotic story of rock torn away from the earth’s outer layer and its gradual falling into the patterns that give us moon phases.”

Now, they’re following it up with the album’s second single, “Phase One Million”. Its frolicking, supremely confident groove gives the feeling of dashing through some mysterious, delightful field past midnight, taking in the shadows around you without a care in the world.

Check it out below.

Look out for Ookii Gekkou come October 15 through Fire Records (pre-order). You can find Vanishing Twin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.