Emerging British duo Urkt have today released “Muted”, following on from the tracks “Sour” and “Rich Now”, which together complete their debut triptych of songs. On the new one, Harry Urquhart and Alfie Tyson-Brown reveal:

Muted started life as a loop we were bouncing back and forth to each other. We then drunkenly reminisced about our lives as choir boys in our youth, listened to a load of Lotti and Gregorio Allegri and it set the vibeLyrically we dug into our memories of being choir boys as well, referencing the blind nature of following religion and the stubbornness of what you think or are taught – with some brazen references to travelling on the London Underground, the repetition of commuting and feeling out of place in an environment of stubborn thought.”

The first half of “Muted” is atmospheric, with the vocals straining and stretching to match the expansiveness of the underlying synths. Together these elements perfectly draw out Urkt’s numbed emotions, as their choir voices are warped into tired adulthood. The second half of “Muted” sidelines their vocals to wordless adornments, while a bruising beat, straining whirrs and glinting mechanical textures take hold. As a sign off on their introductory trio, it’s a powerful one and it certainly compels us to think ahead to what Urkt might do next.

There’s also a remix of “Muted” by Sarahsson, which you can hear below.

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