Sam Ray, the prolific songwriter behind Baltimore based projects Ricky Eat Acid and Teen Suicide, turned 21 yesterday and is celebrating with the release of a new compilation from Unlimited Free Milkshakes, the record label he co-founded. Art Week 2012 features new tracks from both of Ray’s aforementioned projects as well as contributions from Arrange, Wrassle Mania (who sounds a bit like Coma Cinema’s Mat Cothran), and 1998 Ford Windstar (whose sound quite closely resembles that of Run DMT’s Michael Collins). Ray has mentioned that the compilation features a few established musicians working under pseudonyms, so who knows? Either way, it’s a pretty solid collection of songs and certainly worth your time. Download it at the Unlimited Free Milkshakes’ Bandcamp, and check out the tracklist below.

1. Wrassle Mania – “Hate Fuckers”
2. teen suicide – “salvia plath”
3. The Beekeeper – “Amazing Grace Or Watching You Push Off”
4. cute boy kissing booth – “art week 2012”
5. little boy peep – “I wanna be an astronaut when I grow up”
6. Blithe Field – “Mistakes”
7. Red Alder – “Skies”
8. 1998 Ford Windstar – “Teeyaahkiki (Open country_exposed land_land in open_land exposed to view,)”
9. cumwolf – “michael vick official youtube page”
10. uuuuuu – “morning cinders”
11. Arrange – “What If This Was It For The Rest Of Our Lives?”
12. Ricky Eat Acid – “when you wake up ill be gone little cat”
13. Possible Shapes – “Why Have I Become So Blue?”
14. heroin party – “summoning ritual”
15. Foie Gras – “Curses! Curses I Say!”
16. young muslim – “mo (song for cats)”