Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean and Toro Y Moi recording together

For those of you who have been busy over this weekend and not keeping your eye on Twitter, we’re here to update you on one of the more interesting stories that seems to be unfolding. Tyler, The Creator, who we know has been hard at work in the studio on new material, came down to a show Toro Y Moi played on Thursday night and was seen seen dancing his ass off in the front row.

Since then, over the weekend both artists, Tyler, The Creator and Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi have been tweeting from the studio – the same studio – about a new song that they are working on together along with with Frank Ocean.

This all became clear when Tyler tweeted the above picture of the guys together in the studio late friday night/early Saturday morning, and tweeted that they were working on new material.

[blackbirdpie url=http://twitter.com/#!/fucktyler/status/137819945533833216]

Chaz Bundick, when asked by a fan on his Tumblr “So, what exactly are you working on with Frank, Tyler and Vic?” responded with simply “a new song.”

It appears that it could possibly be a new Frank Ocean song, since both Tyler and Chaz have been effusive about his new material in their tweets, a couple of which are displayed below.

[blackbirdpie url=http://twitter.com/#!/fucktyler/status/137820079642513409]
[blackbirdpie url=http://twitter.com/#!/ToroyMoi/status/137822100269432832]

On the other hand, we know that Tyler is a big fan of Toro Y Moi and is also currently at work on new material, so this collaboration could end up on Wolf. Or perhaps there will be more than one collaboration between these guys that could end up on multiple different releases.

Whatever it is, everyone seems to agree that it’s pretty good…

[blackbirdpie url=http://twitter.com/#!/oddfuckingtaco/status/137828469005492224]
[blackbirdpie url=http://twitter.com/#!/oddfuckingtaco/status/137929837909245952]
[blackbirdpie url=http://twitter.com/#!/ToroyMoi/status/137934217937043458]
[blackbirdpie url=http://twitter.com/#!/oddfuckingtaco/status/137934566966038530]

We’ll keep you up to date when we get some concrete confirmed information on this collaboration.