TWICE dance through thick and thin on their anthem to friendship (and fandom), “I Got You”

It’s been an undeniably long road for TWICE. Having formed in 2015, the ultra-popular K-pop girl group has seen countless ups and downs (but, thankfully, far more highs than lows) together. While all too many K-pop groups struggle to find longevity – less by any fault of their own, and more due to a fickle industry that tends to value “the new” over legacy artists – TWICE have gracefully maneuvered their way through nearly 10 years, an undeniably tight unit from the outset, the nine women that form the beloved group have, at this point, formed into a genuine rock.

They haven’t shied away from addressing the passage of time, with their growing maturity and hopes and fears for the future being a major talking point leading up to 2021’s Formula of Love: O+T=<3. As we enter 2024, they’re dealing with these ideas more bluntly than ever, right on down to the the title of their 13th (let’s say it again: 13th!) mini-album, With YOU-th. They’re soaking up every ray of sunshine before the day gradually fades.

So, then, a certain distant wistfulness pervades their latest single (and 3rd in English), “I Got You”, but above all, it’s a tribute to enduring friendship and appreciating every moment they’ve had together. In a touching music video, the group weather a literal storm, simply enjoying each other’s company, unafraid and unbothered.

The song clearly represents their deep feelings for each other and their fans: for those that have been along for the ride, we’ve all reached this point together, whatever the odds may have been. When Dahyun swings through with, “We were lightning from the start,” you can feel the hard-earned pride, and, even more so, when Chaeyoung sings, “Ain’t no limit to what I would do for you,” you know fully well that she means it.

“I Got You” stands as a poignant victory, one that was fought for over the years, and is, more than anything, a touching, and undeniably sweet, pop rush. Its simple, earworm lyrics hardly mask the deep reservoir of feeling behind them, accessible to anyone looking for a more meaningful slice of K-pop, and particularly rewarding for the longtime fans that appreciate just how important this moment is.

Check out the video for “I Got You” below, and look out for With YOU-th come February 23rd.