TV Priest go to war with late capitalism on “Runner Up”

London post-punks TV Priest made their unruly introduction recently with debut single “House of York”, and they show no sign of letting up their fury with new song “Runner Up”, out today. Front person Charlie Drinkwater says:

“Runner Up” address feelings and patterns of lived experience as a citizen of a globalised, late capitalist nation… The ‘perpetual motion’ of this economic model feeds a sense of the inadequate in the individual. It seeks to rob us of deeper human connections with people, places, and objects in the drive to generate vast incomes for a small percentage of the population. Despite getting that new shirt, new job, or new car it’s never quite enough, the ‘true’ object of you affection remains just out of reach, with the latest model upgraded before your very eyes.

The pissed off attitude that springs from the above quote is rendered in full, forceful sound in TV Priest’s music. “Runner Up” is a battering ram of a song, absolutely thundering its way down your ear canals and into every muscle in your body, urging you to act out, rebel, just do fucking something to try to right the course that society seems to be on. Uncompromising and unstuttering, “Runner Up” is a fiery and imposing call to arms, with TV Priest leading the line in the battle.

You can listen to “Runner Up” below or on your preferred service.

“Runner Up” is out now on Hand in Hive. Follow TV Priest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.