Track Review: The Men – “Electric”

[Sacred Bones; 2013]

So it turns out that the Men can spit out solid gold riffs quicker than the time it takes to listen to the new Swans album. The Brooklynites’ third record, New Moon, is due out exactly 365 days after the magnificent Open Your Heart, one of our favourite albums of last year.

“Electric” is the first sampling from New Moon, and it’s a meat and potatoes tune that excites in that way that well written songs played by excellent musicians tend to. Here, The Men wander into poppier terrain. The guitars are sharp and guttural, but the melody is irresistible. By the time the refrain of “Someone help me” rolls around, you’ll be chomping at the bit to jump in and sing along. “Electric” is a band doing what they do best, and better than pretty much anyone else right now. This is The Men going through the motions in the absolute best way possible.