Noel Gallagher faces the scrutiny of a world that’s ready to crush him. His outspokenness causes quarrels on a periodic basis — from the denouncement of Jay-Z in 2008 to the constant backlash towards Green Day and Radiohead. However, when it comes to songwriting, the 44 year old presents himself differently. Though he epitomizes “the rockstar” with his conceited antics, he’s a romantic at heart — one that puts human emotions over and above anything else.

“The Death of You And Me” makes no exception. It contains lyrics that sound like real-life experiences rather than artificial feelings. Instead of ornamenting his lyrics with melancholy, he emphasizes carnival-esque horns to make the “break-up” sound like a joyous celebration. Could this be Noel’s way of saying that he’s better off buy himself without Liam and co.?

To one’s disappointment, “The Death of You and Me” also sounds like any other Noel Gallagher track. Aside from a whacky horn finish, the song very much resembles Oasis’ previous hit, “The Importance of Being Idle” (2005). The similarities between the two are undeniable : everything from the guitar-melody, to the chord progression, to the vocal melody, etc. But whether or not hardcore enthusiasts care, this is a missed opportunity for those expecting a stylistic change from Noel’s previous works.