Track Review: Major Lazer ft. Flux Pavilion – “Jah No Partial”

[Downtown Records; 2012]

Fresh off a successful string of EPs and singles, UK producer Flux Pavillion has teamed up with Diplo’s Major Lazer for the one-off “Jah No Partial.” If this match-up looks enticing on paper, the result will likely be that much more disappointing. After opening with a grossly misappropriated reggae vocal sample, “Jah No Partial” becomes one musical blunder after another. Muddling its way through a spring-loaded brostep line, a shrill yet anticlimactic drop and sterile production. Nothing here is thrilling or innovative in the way you expect dance music to be. There’s really no way to tell who’s to blame for this, but with Major Lazer’s second LP due early next year, we can only hope that Diplo will learn something from this.