[Domino; 2012]

In only a mere matter of weeks, the Dirty Projectors will be releasing their anticipated album entitled Swing Lo Magellan which is three years removed from their critically acclaimed Bitte Orca. They’ve already released the first single “Gun Has No Trigger” and now they’ve released another called “Dance For You.”

It opens with a handclap and a simple guitar riff that vocalist/guitarist David Longstreth sings over with his unique vocal timbre. A hollow percussion and a subtle bass line enter to add more texture. About two minutes in, the song suddenly shifts to a building string crescendo until it goes back to the original structure of the handclaps and guitar riff. Only this time, a guitar solo weaves in-and-out. Lyrically, Longstreth sings about being lost: “I ran across cyanide plains/ mind like a prison cell/ but feet untethered and sane/ I wandered out hopeless and sad/ no thought of where I go/ or how I ever get back.” But it later changes to an optimistic tone as he later sings “There is an answer/ I haven’t found it/ but I will keep dancing until I do/ dance for you.”

“Dance For You” is one of their more grounded songs and is kept rather minimal, but its spontaneity and unorthodox nature stays true to typical Dirty Projectors fashion. July 10 isn’t that far away, but as it gets closer and closer, anticipation and excitement will surely build for Swing Low Magellan.