Yes I'm Leaving

Sydney thrashers Yes, I’m Leaving have just released their latest album Mission Bulb via Tenzenmen Records.  Drawing on 80’s and 90’s hardcore textures and punishing rhythms, the band thunders through their influences without settling into one particular sound or genre.  There are shades of other artists occasionally, but singer Billy Burke, bassist David Cook, and drummer Anthony Boyer never rest too long before they’re back to carving out their own unique swath through this murky landscape.

For our next glimpse into their recently released sophomore album Mission Bulb, the band has just shared scorching lead track “Creepyman.” Dipping into the realm of 80’s viscous rockers like Big Black and Scratch Acid, the track throws up colliding sheets of dense guitar squalls and walls of hammering percussion.  Singing as though he were trying to exorcise the demons from his lungs, Burke howls over the tight-as-hell rhythm section that serves as the song’s personal Charon for its voyage across the River Styx.  Having run through an aggressive post-hardcore frenzy, I’d hate to see what the studio looked like after they finished recording this track.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the latest track, “Creepyman” from Yes, I’m Leaving’s recently released album, Mission Bulb.