Rambo Hollywood

Los Angeles-based kinetic pop duo Yell For Help have a knack for peeling back the multi-facted layers of their songs and revealing the beating dancefloor heart of the music.  But there is also a sense of comfort and casualness between singer/multi-instrumentalist Fann and her musical cohort Mike Pappas which informs the often bombastic rhythms and melodies of Yell For Help’s music.  It also seems that the duo is equally content creating both club bangers and songs that display a sprawling late-night roll-down-your-windows intimacy — as long as you are moving, they’re good.  Stillness and creative atrophy is what they can’t stand.  On their recent EP, Love Will Keep Us Together (out now via Cabal Music), they delve deeply into the musical no man’s land that lies at the borders between colossal synth-pop, hip-hop rhythms, and traditional singer-songwriter fare.

Recently they handed over the title track and lead single of Love Will Keep Us Together to international producer Rambo Hollywood, who subtly (and not so subtly) tweaks each aspect of the song while still retaining its pop structure. By muting some of the established highs and highlighting some of the crevasses within the song, it takes on a slightly darker tone but still feels like it could draw a crowd in the club – though this club might be a bit dingier and seedier than any of its neighbors. It’s a fascinating study in how small adjustments can change a song in substantial and unexpected ways. The song belongs to Yell For Help; there’s no question about that. But this particular remix is the sole property of Rambo Hollywood.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere Rambo Hollywood’s remix of Yell For Help’s “Love Will Keep Us Together.”