The Eversons

Auckland, New Zealand art-poppers The Eversons lay claim to the same musical territory as fellow countrymen The Clean and The Chills.  Their debut record, Summer Feeling (out now on Lil Chief Records), combines shimmering pop textures with hook-y vocal harmonies and off-kilter guitar riffs in a style that’s equal parts Jonathan Richman-esque heart-on-sleeve storytelling and summery indie pop.  The band members — Mark Turner, Alex Freer, Tim Shann, Blair Everson, and Christopher Young – all take turns singing lead on the tracks on Summer Feeling, and this shifting vocal approach and the wholly collaborative nature of the music gives the album that rare feeling of spontaneity which is absent from the majority of recent pop acts.

The band is set to release a three-song collection of tracks (ostensibly a single) built around Summer Feeling-cut “Creepy” on August 13th via Lil Chief.  It includes the original version of “Creepy,” plus a Japanese language version of the track, and an unreleased B-side.  This B-side, “Stick Around,” finds the band in full summer pop mode, touting shimmering guitars and enough iridescent, silver-tongued harmonies to keep you sated until next spring.  And though the song has the distinction of being a B-side and not a proper album track, it never feels cast-off or lacking in any of the remarkable pop eccentricities with which the band has been so notably – and deservedly — branded.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the unreleased b-side, “Stick Around,” from New Zealand popsters The Eversons.