Track Premiere: Soda Bomb – “Nerd Orbit”

soda bomb 4

I’ve never met a group of scuzzy lo-fi hooligans who didn’t clean up real nice. When a band takes the time to peel back layers of fuzz, the core of their songwriting is left to stand on its own (or risk toppling over). Long Island’s Soda Bomb seems up to that challenge for their forthcoming debut full-length. Stripping back two EPs worth of gutter punk muck in favor of straight forward prickly guitar drive on this new single “Nerd Orbit.” This isn’t an King Of The Beach-esque sonic reupholstering job though. Guitarist Taylor Berke and drummer Jon Gusman still leave room for their throat shredding vocal takes amidst the more lean sonic space they inhabit.

Soda Bomb, recorded by Berke, Guzman and bassist Tom Lizo in an empty office, is poised for a late May release. Stream or download “Nerd Orbit” below and check out the single artwork above.

MP3:Soda Bomb – Nerd Orbit