Singapore native and Los Angeles transplant Inch Chua (aka iNCH.) loves fuzz — that blitzed-out, distorted sound that wraps everything in a gauzy fog of ramped guitars and lead-step percussion.  And so she’s gone to great lengths to slather the songs on her sophomore album, Bumfuzzle, in the sticky, static-y stuff. “While producing the record, I made a conscious effort to use some form and variation of fuzz from the fastest to the slowest track on the album,” she says.  Working with local renowned producer Leonard Soosay, Chua wanted to combine her love of rock bands like Radiohead and The Foo Fighters with the dense vocal layering common to records by Queen and the odd Disney movie soundtrack.  We’ll be able to hear her unique approach to this musical integration once Bumfuzzle drops on August 27th.

For our latest taste of Bumfuzzle, Chua has chosen to release the fuzzy (obviously) rocker “The Chefalo Knot,” with its subdued Karen O vocal posturing and abrupt streaks of guitar riffage.  The track highlights Chua’s impressive voice while allowing the melody and complex instrumental interchange to proceed without interference. Grounding itself in shades of modern indie rock while proudly baring an art pop heart, “The Chefalo Knot” finds itself stepping outside of any particular influence and simply feels like the logical next step in Chua’s evolution.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the latest track, “The Chefalo Knot,” from iNCH.’s sophomore record, Bumfuzzle.