Thurston Moore and Memory Tapes remix Crystal Castles

Check these two recent remixes of tracks from Crystal Castles second self-titled album (yes they have two self titled albums, the first from 2008). The album is fantastic in its own right, dense, sweet-tempered, dancy but dark, containing a poppy quality but still retaining a sinister, distorted shrill.

Thurston Moore’s (obviously of Sonic Youth fame) remix of the chippy, poppy, upbeat dance feel of “Celestica” flips the track on its head. With the addition of distorted low-fi guitars, the album goes from a dancy party track, to a crunchy low-fi gem, certainly in many ways reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s body of work. Download the track over at RCRD LBL.

Memory Tapes, AKA Dayve Hawk remixes “Suffication” from Crystal Castles. He extends, smooths out and adds a haze to the track that gives it a nostalgic, faded, and slightly eerie feel.

MP3: Crystal Castles – “Suffocation (Memory Tapes Remix)”

[Via Gorilla vs. Bear]