The Top 100 Tracks of 2011

Check out One Thirty BPM’s top songs of 2011 in this Spotify playlist.

100. Curren$y
“Scottie Pippens”

[Jet Life]

99. Fucked Up
“Queen of Hearts”


98. Cults
“You Know What I Mean”

[In The Name Of]

97. Girls
“Honey Bunny”

[True Panther]

96. Little Dragon
“Ritual Union”


95. Feist
“The Circle Married The Line”


94. Ryan Adams
“Lucky Now”


93. Radiohead
“Give Up The Ghost”

[Ticker Tape / XL]

92. Fleet Foxes
“The Shrine/An Argument”

[Sub Pop]

91. Braids
“Glass Deers”

[Flemish Eye / Kanine]

90. Death Grips


89. The Weeknd
“The Morning”


88. Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX
“NY Is Killing Me”

[XL / Young Turks]

87. Blue Sky Black Death
“Sleeping Children Are Still Flying”

[Fake Four Inc.]

86. Total Babes
“How We Wanna Be”

[Old Flame]

85. Washed Out
“Eyes Be Closed”

[Sub Pop]

84. Pusha T

[G.O.O.D. Music]

83. Iceage
“White Rune”

[What’s Your Rupture?]

82. Born Gold
“Lawn Knives”


81. Raekwon
“Rich and Black” (feat. Nas)

[Ice H2O]

80. Dumbo Gets Mad

[Bad Panda]

79. Peter Bjorn and John
“I Know You Don’t Love Me”


78. Elite Gymnastics
“So Close To Paradise”

[Psychedelic Surf Club]

77. Frank Ocean
“We All Try”


76. Machinedrum
“Lay Me Down”

[Planet Mu]

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