Skinner Mike Twitter

For those of you unaware of Twitter, I think it’s time to start familiarizing yourself with the service (and while you’re at it, follow us @onethirtybpm). Mike Skinner, more commonly known by his stage name The Streets, has released three new tracks for free via his Twitter profile. He has also indicated that he will be releasing another three tracks next week (see above image).

It’s refreshing to get some more The Streets tracks considering that we most likely won’t see the final album under The Streets name, entitled Computers and Blues until 2010. Who knows, some of these tracks might even be destined for the album (especially if the feedback is positive).

Below are all three tracks. Stereogum have dubbed it The @SkinnerMike EP Vol. 1 and even made a cover for it. A good a title as any, so we added it to the MP3 tags.

MP3: 01 The Streets – “I Love My Phone”
MP3: 02 The Streets – “Trust Me”
MP3: 03 The Streets – “David Hassles”

-Evan Kaloudis