Photo: Elizabeth Weinberg

The Range marks a life shift with “Bicameral”

James Hinton aka The Range has released his first new music since his 2016 album Potential. The new single is called “Bicameral”, and he says:

“Bicameral” represents the beginning of a move into a more ethereal space in my music. I began working on it while on a retreat in Nicaragua in 2016, and finished it in 2020 in Vermont, and so it uniquely captures a lot of the extreme positive and negative memories over that time. In this song the original vocal – a song called “The Road” by the Eritrean singer Bemnet Tekleyohannes – is “When you lighten” but I like that the interpretation of “When you lied – when you lied to me” is equally readable as the phrase repeats and changes.”

In the time since we last heard from The Range, he has relocated from Brooklyn to rural Vermont, which must have had an impact on his mental state and, by extension, his music. “Bicameral” is the first offering from this new place, and effectively opens a new chapter – without disconnecting from what came before. The energy is still high and the creativity inimitable, but there is a new appreciation for the “ethereal”, as he puts it. The vocal loop is central, but in itself has something distant and ghostly about it, which is emphasised by the ever-shifting synth tones that move in and around it.

Watch the video for “Bicameral” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

More music is promised from The Range in 2022. For now, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.