Photo: Madeleine Hordinski

The Ophelias dig into a loss of pride via the painful jam “Sacrificial Lamb”

“I am leaving your party. I am not having fun anymore.” Surely, we’ve all been there. Therein lies the – considerable – power of Ohio-based band The Ophelias‘ latest single, “Sacrificial Lamb”.

The track fearlessly digs into the untimely humanity that arrives in moments of lost pride and damaged feelings. “At my best I’m a sacrificial lamb / At my best I’m something you can handle,” goes the chorus, with vocalist and guitarist Spencer Peppet perfectly walking the tightrope between removed, balanced perspective and overwhelming emotions, delving deeply into angst without ever verging into frustrating self-pity.

Speaking on the track, Peppet shares, “Originally, I didn’t want ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ to be on the album, but Andrea and Mic pushed me to keep it. Andrea’s layered violins transformed the song beyond what I had imagined, and it quickly became a group favorite. That kind of collaboration on Ophelias’ songs is what makes them what they are. This song is a reflection on a night from my freshman year of college, walking home from a party and feeling overwhelmed by a rush of emotions: self-loathing, frustration at the person I wanted love and attention from, longing to be the cool, unaffected girl I wanted to be (and thought I could be if I tried hard enough). I got on the subway and cried, enjoying that no one on the train looked twice.

Check out the track, along with its video, below.

Earlier this year, the band announced plans for their latest album, Crocus, along with sharing a single alongside Julien Baker, “Neil Young on High”.

Crocus is out on September 24 through Joyful Noise (pre-order/save). You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.