Australian trio The Goon Sax have announced their first album in three years – and first for Matador – Mirror II, which was produced by John Parish and arrives on July 9. It’s heralded by a new song and video called “In The Stone”, with Louis Forster revealing:

“‘In The Stone’ is set in Berlin where I moved with my partner at the time, just after finishing school and recording our last album We’re Not Talking at the end of 2017. We were both exploring ourselves – accepting each other’s changes and celebrating flux – but also reckoning with the complicated need for a solid sense of self and the person we loved. Musically the song was influenced by what was playing in the background of our conversations which often took place in Ubers, supermarkets, outside parties etc. So, it probably bears more of a subconsciously absorbed modern pop influence than anything else we’ve done as a band.”

The Goon Sax provide an ambling and thorny rock backing for this tale of angst and self-actualisation. Trading off vocals between Louis and Riley Jones, they provide multiple dynamics on a slowly combusting relationship, with the two parties realising they’re outgrowing each other. Filled with true-to-life quotes from fraught conversations and images from deep in mental quagmires, “In The Stone” is a song of hard-earned growth, and the perfect way for The Goon Sax to announce their return.

The Goon Sax’s new album Mirror II comes out on July 9 via Matador (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.