Tess Henley shares the bracingly honest, reflective “Good for Me”

There isn’t much Tess Henley doesn’t do: guiding her music as its singer, songwriter, and producer, she ensures the end result sounds just the way it needs to.

As she prepares her upcoming project, Paramount, she’s now shared the latest taste of the project, “Good for Me”.

Its message is a deceptively simple one, reflecting on both the potential and downside of a relationship. When she sings, “Good for me, Everything good ain’t good for me,” the words hit.

Joining in for some help with the production is none other than Jesse Boykins III, along with Wynne Bennett and, naturally, Henley herself.

Briefly reflecting on the track, Henley shares, “the song isn’t so much about having the solution, but asking the question.”

Go ahead and ask the question yourself, and check the track out below or via your favorite provider.